1. 1. North America
  2. 2. Iceland/Europe
  3. 3. Russia/Siberia
  4. 4. Australia
  5. 5. Africa
  6. 6. Antarctica
  7. 7. South America
  8. 8. Greenland

An Expedition is Born

It takes a special kind of adventurer to call a 58,196-mile, three-year road trip “a dream come true,” but for Greg Miller and Scott Brady, Expeditions 7 is that and more. Greg, the CEO of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, and Scott, the publisher and chairman of Overland Journal and, were drawn together by a common vision: to travel the earth’s seven continents, touching each one in the same vehicle – a Toyota Land Cruiser. What began as a simple conversation over breakfast evolved into a full-scale global expedition.

After nearly a year of intense planning and preparation, E7 was underway. Greg and Scott were joined in their journey by good friends, family and talented cinematographers, each adding to the rich E7 story. Detailed plans on paper had to change on the fly as the team traveled across defiant landscapes and magnificent vistas, putting their driving skills and resourcefulness to the test. While they set out looking for adventure, the fascinating people, cultures and stories encountered along the way would forever change the lives of the Expeditions 7 team. Read more about the story